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Escape games have become renowned as one of the best team building exercises available for groups of employees. The process of playing an escape room gives companies and other organizations the opportunity to practice and analyze their communication, organization, critical thinking, logic, and teamwork skills in a fun and exciting environment. Teams leave having established a greater bond and having the ability to reflect on their obvious strengths and weaknesses when placed in a high pressure setting. To escape the room in under 60 minutes, team members must:

So much goes on while trying to solve your way through an escape room that teammates must share information and make sure their observations are being heard.



Sometimes, someone needs to take charge to get things done and that is certainly often true in escape rooms. There will need to be individuals in the group willing to suggest ideas, decide on things to try, and lead others towards an outcome.


Too many leaders trying to have their way in a group sometimes means no decisions will ever be made. When someone has a good idea, teammates must sometimes learn to go with it rather than over-debate strategy.


Something you find in the room might match something another team member finds. Therefore, it is crucial to listen to what others are saying about things they are seeing so that you all can put all the pieces together to escape.


Escape games do not reward rigid, static thinking. Instead, team members must get creative and stretch their typical way of thinking to see beyond the obvious.

Will someone admit when they are wrong? Sometimes doing so can mean the difference between successfully escaping or letting time run out.


In addition to our regular game schedule, team-building events can be held Mondays through Fridays upon request. We look forward to working with your schedule to make sure your company or organization is able to participate in this great team-bonding opportunity!

Check out this video to learn more about escape games as team building opportunities:

"Companies turn to "escape rooms"

for team-building"

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