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Can you find the clues to breakout out at Tri-State Escape Breakout Games?

A Haunting at Winchester Manor

You have been summonsed to the home of your late great-grandfather for a reading of his will and have been forewarned that some strange things have been happening at the residence. Crunched for time, you hope to get in, get your inheritance, and get out as quickly as possible. Will it be that simple, or will 1327 Winchester Avenue become your permanent home?

A Haunting at Winchester Manor at Tri-State Escape Breakout Games

Escape from Egypt

A team of archaeologists have discovered the location of one of the most significant Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb to date, believed to be filled with gold, jewels and priceless artifacts. Whether due to the physical challenges presented getting in and out of the tomb, or the legend of the pharaoh's curse that is said to protect the burial site, no one has yet made it out alive. You and your team are determined to be the first to enter the tomb and successfully escape-- can you do it? Or will your remains become artifacts for the next team of archaeologists to uncover? 

***Minimum of 4 players total for this room!

***Contains some physical elements

       (similar to those found on a kids playground)

Captain's       Curse

You and your crew are prisoners that have been taken captive aboard a pirate ship when it suddenly is bombarded with cannons  launched by the British navy. The ship quickly catches fire and you know you don't have much time before it goes under. The problem: you are shackled and locked in the slaves hold with no plan of escape. Will you be able to break free and make it off the ship before it sinks? Or will you and your crew be lost at sea forever?

Room 13 at Tri-State Escape Breakout Games

Room 13

Exhausted after a long trip, you check into Room 13 at the Crimson Lake Motel. When you look around the room, it appears as though the previous guest never checked out. You try to alert the front desk, but the door will not open and the phone line has been cut. Panic sets in as you try to find a way out. Will you escape or will you become an eternal guest of the Crimson Lake Motel?



You are a western bandit that has been locked up for robbing a stagecoach and gunning down a U.S. Marshall. One hour away from attending your very own town hanging, the Sheriff steps out to help the Mayor prepare for the grand event. Now is your chance to get out of dodge: Will you break out before the Sheriff returns, or have you bet your last chip?

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 9.35.53 PM.png


You and your friends have heard of mysterious deaths and disappearances surrounding the Waverly Sanitorium. For some reason, you have decided to explore the facility yourselves to see if you can learn more about these strange occurrences. Will you uncover Waverly's secrets? Or will your group meet the same tragic fate as those before you?

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